Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Editors are out!

Just wanted to notify all that the editor tools for Amnesia: The Dark Descent are out. These are the same tools that we used the create the game, so at a minimum you will able to do all that is done in the game.

All info is being collected here:

I suggest you start by first downloading the tools here, then follow the guide here and finally start checking some tutorials.

If you have any questions about the editors, please use our modding forum found here:

Happy editing! :)

NOTE: Only windows version released so far. Other platforms coming shortly!


  1. Just curious, any plans on a Mac version? Not that I'd mind using Windows, but… you know ;-).

  2. Just got the newsletter in. Answered my question. Thanks.

  3. I found an interesting glitch in one of the levels that allows one to fall through the floor

  4. Well I thought I'd just let you know that I plan on buying it once I get my laptop and then scaring the piss out of myself.

  5. Does other platforms include Linux?

  6. He, he! Just stumbled upon this post an a forum.
    The guy wasn't convinced that the game was *that* scary.

    "Ok, so I've been playing this game for a few nights now - midnight, lights off, headphones up loud. Tonight I reached the elevator, and up until this point it's been atmospheric and a little tense but nothing like the crippling "I am too scared to open this door" fear I experienced with Dead Space.

    Here I am exploring the dark cells shortly after the elevator, I've just glimpsed a creature through the bars of a cell door, my sanity is slipping, and then I try and ascend a set of stairs. Graagh! Monster dead ahead, I turn around and flee, the oil in my lantern runs out and I'm plunged into darkness, the music ramps up and the sound effects scream "IT'S BEHIND YOU!" in a way I've not experienced since 3D Monster Maze, I run into a pitch dark room, crouch, turn around and HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK! The abomination is right there in front of me. I literally screamed and threw the headphones off, hit the power button on the monitor and then the light. Soothing light. Oh crap. I make a few coughing noises because I'm convinced my wife probably heard me, and no I wasn't screaming I was definitely clearing my throat. Yes indeed.

    I think I can say that's the first time a game has made me scream. It was a manly scream at least, not a little girly scream, but still."

    P.S. Gee, Dead Space... Yeah, right.
    ("I am too scared to open this door. So I'll just wait for the monster to burst through it so I can DISMEMBER IT!")


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