Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is Released!

Not too long ago, I actually wondered if there ever would be a release. However, today I am proud to say that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is finally released!

If that is all you need to know, go and get the game at one of the following places:

Our own store (windows, linux & mac)
Steam (windows & mac)
GamersGate (windows & mac)
Direct2Drive (windows)
ImpulseDriven (windows)

The game has been in the making for exactly 3 years now (first document is dated 8th sept 07) and it has been quite the journey. The design has been changed countless times and we have been very close running out of money a few times. Somehow, due to successful sales and salary cut we have managed to get through it though. This makes it extra rewarding to have the game finally out.

Even more rewarding is the extremely nice press response! Some example:
“Few games are able to conjure up an atmosphere this genuinely frightening.”

“Despite its title, Amnesia remembers what the blockbusters of survival horror seem to have forgotten: how to horrify.”
- PC Gamer UK

“I think it is safe to say that Amnesia is the most successfully frightening game to have been made.”
- Rock Paper Shotgun

“I must say Amnesia is a masterpiece of horror, something surely all other horror games could take from and in some senses, strive to be.”
- NeoSeeker

Player reactions have also seemed quite positive and we now eagerly await your thoughts on the full game!

Big thanks to everybody have supported us over the years. We hope you all will enjoy Amnesia and have a really dark descent!

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  1. Congratulations, after a long pregnancy, you have finally given birth to a horrific monster :D

  2. It was the best survival-horror and indie game Ive ever played, nuff said. :D

  3. I am download it as I speak... Penumbra left a mark on me that'll never be erased and I hope this game will do the same. I'm looking forward to it so much!

    I just hope it downloads before the sun goes down or I'm really going to suffer for it...

  4. thanks for the amazing game and my respect for your devotion!
    please continue to create indie titles for real hardcore gamers
    gtg, must play Amnesia!

  5. Downloading Mac version from Steam!!!! Thanks for your hard work!

  6. I've had Amnesia preordered for quite some time, even though I'm usually wary of such uncertain investments. However, having just played through the demo (full version is downloading as I type), I'm pretty much convinced that this is going to be -or has been- money well spent. I'm actually sweating right now. Also, kudos to the sound designer. The various noises I've had the pleasure (is that the word? Or is it more like "PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP") to hear so far are exceedingly disturbing.

  7. I've just finished the game and it was greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

    I got stuck at some parts, because it was unclear what to do, but that doesn't affect the games awesomeness :D

  8. Played for the first time now, played for 48 minutes and I think that's enough for today. My nerves need a break, great game so far, guys!

  9. Maybe I'm blind or missed something, but how can I download my preordered copy? I don't know if I still have the email, but is there somewhere I have to login at to get it?

  10. Nevermind. I'm just blind. :) I found the download link.

  11. Amnesia turn out to be exactly what I expected - wich is an punch in the middle of the stomach of the ordinary game market. I'm not a teenager gamer, I want density and a good plot in games, not more button smashing.

    You guys gave me hope. I buy one copy for me and another to a friend, and already recommend it to every gamer that I know who have brains.

    obs: sorry the poor english, I'm brasilian.

  12. I have been following Amnesia's development since Penumbra and it's such a thrill to finally see the results. You guys should be really proud it. Also, I just wanted to say thanks for the work on the Linux port. Rest assured that the Linux community is going to be excited to see this.

  13. Okay this is currently my game of the year - people should be shouting about this from the rooftops. This is a milestone in survival horror - not since Alone in the Dark in 1992 has there been such a thing.
    I guess I am halfway through. This is a very, very special game.
    It is far scarier than all these games: Condemned, SS2, Penumbra BP, Dead Space, Thief 3 "The Cradle", Undying, RE4 ... these are all more of less classics of the survival horror genre but Amnesia ups the Ante then carries on going.

  14. Håkon Sæther Treimo10 September 2010 at 17:13

    Just finished the game! It was awesome a little ahort but awesome! But a major drawback is the lack of different enemies. I would like to see som variety in the enemies in upcoming releases! I wasn't afraid of "those things" at all in the end of the game. VARIETY! But again thanks for the great game. I'm a big fan of you series.

  15. I totally agree, this game is great. I haven't finished it yet, but from what i've seen so far... it's fantastic. The atmosphere is great. It's, for sure, one of the best survival horror games ever created.

    SS2? Which game is that?

    Btw., i found a "bug" or, whatever it is. When you get that chemical to melt that flesh-thing (somewhere at the beginning of the game) and you decide to leave the room again, to do something else first, the flesh-thing appears again when you return to that room. This means, you can't continue the game. Anyway, because of the auto-save it's not such a big problem, you just have to load your last check point.

    Anyway, i enjoyed the game so far and i'm sure i'll enjoy the rest aswell. @FrictionalGames - thank you for this great experience. You've done a great job!

  16. I preordered the game, couldn't DL it the release day. Finally able to DL, go to the link provided in the email and type in my info (email and code) DL for windows, and I get "HTTP 403 Forbidden"...Can someone help please?

  17. Use this contact for help:

  18. Excellent Game! I just finished it.
    This must be the game that every Thief player must play - throughout the game I kept remembering how I use to cower with fear , crouched in a dark corner waiting for a Hammerite to pass. That was the thief games.
    I played this the same way and at the end of it all had more that 50 tinderboxes and 10 litres of lantern oil left.
    I crept (ctrl key) and kept lights off except the few times the game knocks you to the ground with fear and you light up to bring to your senses.
    This game must be played slowly to savor every moment. I have just watched a few Youtube vids of the game but everyone is trying to rush thru the game to get to the ending.
    Creep and stay in the dark and the 'thing' can be avoided a lot of the time.
    To all involved in making this game, I give my deepest heartfelt thanks. I don't see how you can top this one any time soon.

  19. the name of "the thing" just happens to be Mr. Shambles


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