Friday 12 August 2011

GDC Europe

Just wanted to inform everybody that I will be holding a lecture and be part of a
panel at GDC Europe next week.

The lecture is called "Evoking Emotions and Achieving Success by Breaking All the Rules" and will be about some of the design in Amnesia and also touch upon a lot of subjects discussed in this blog.

The panel has the name "Beyond Fun: Perspectives on Video Games as Expressive Experiences", which will include 4 other swell guys and gals. In it I will have a lil rant called "Games or Toys".

Both of these will take place on Monday and be one after another. Hopefully I can put something or link to video after the convention is over.

Will anybody here be attending?


  1. I'd love to attend, however it's impossible.
    It's impossible to watch online too, so a recorder video would be definitely good for us!

  2. I would love to see a recording of this discussion, I'm absolutely fascinated by Frictional's Design.

  3. I´d love to see a video,
    because sadly I can´t travel the 2hours to colongne because I have to work and it´s to late to take a day off.

    However I´m very happy to see a blogpost again!

  4. Not this time, but I hope like the others to see a video of the lecture.

  5. Same as above, impossible to join. Would love to see it somehow anyway :). Especially since I will attend a collage course called moral and ethics in games this fall. Sounds like this panel discussion could be sweet input.

  6. I thought about going but I just can't justify the cost, even on a student discount. would love to see a video though :)

    And to see jonathan blow and dan pinchbeck talk too would have been fantastic.

  7. There's no way I could be there, but I would absolutely love to! Thank god for YouTube, huh?

  8. No way I'm attending, too expensive. I don't care if I can see or hear a recording of it. A blog post with the general idea would be good enough for me.


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