Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Time for a smallish update

Hi there again!

This time I won't show a new tool, but a new feature for our good old Level Editor: Decals. These are used mainly to add nice details to the level without much sweat. Here is a little video demonstrating how these can be used (to create a nasty mess for example :) )

Nice to know I'm not cleaning that

As you can see, there is some stuff to be tweaked and optimized, but I tell you it's still cool to use :D


  1. Cool, a brand new blood editor :-)

  2. Wasnt this already implemented in Penumbra BP?
    Can this be used in-game like making holes to the walls with guns?

    It looks very good! Nice job ;)

  3. Hey Luis are you guys using volume decals? Like this demo made by Humus? http://www.humus.name/index.php?page=3D

    The behavior seams similar.

  4. @Klayman: 1) not AFAIK, at least not this way. 2) Yeah of course :)

    About volume decals, nope, we are using a mesh method. We clip geometry surrounding the decal center, just like explained in this post http://blog.wolfire.com/2009/06/how-to-project-decals
    Seems to work fine at the moment :)

    Thanks for the comments btw!

  5. Hilário Martins15 October 2009 at 20:41

    Cool, i know that game i also follow their blog. :)

    About the comments, no ploblem, i'm glad to support you guys. ;)

    p.s - I'm the anonymous above.

  6. Nice work, Luís!!!. Just a question:

    Red arrow == X axis, Green arrow == Y axis and Blue arrow == Z axis?. Just for solving if you're using a right/left-handed coordinate system. : )

  7. Thanks! Yeah, I am mapping XYZ to RGB here. Actually it is a pretty common thing to do in 3D editors and such (if you check some 3DSMax or Maya videos, you'll see what I mean).
    I guess figuring the handedness will be quite an easy task now. :)


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