Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Horror Tip: The Awakening

Name: The Awakening
Type: Game (Interactive Fiction)
Link: Info and download
Time for another work of interactive fiction and this time there are some puzzles to be solved as well. The game is pretty simple though and also comes with a nice help system making it a good beginner game.

The game starts out as you wake up in a grave and needs to find out what has happened to you. The story is quite lovecraftian and the game has a very nice atmosphere. It is not as scary as All Alone but still a very good horror IF game.

To play the game you need a Z-machine and the most popular is probably Frotz.

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  1. Loved the game! Couldn't figure out who "her" was, though. Thanks for introducing me to the IF games.

    Going to try All Alone now.


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