Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Blog layout updated

I just made the blog a little wider and hopefully this will make it more readable than before. Some have asked for the blog to be a percentage of the screen width, but I do not like that because then one might have blog posts that is a single row on some screens and it will be very hard to read. It also makes layout easier to have a fixed size. Hopefully this is good enough!

Please say what you think about this and also repoort any issues you might be having. I have just made some dirty hacks to make it wider and might have broken something in the progress!


  1. It looks a lot better than before. I suggest you should also align the text to left and right - it makes it really easier to read.

    In the stylesheet specify:

    body {
    text-align: justify;

  2. Did not seem to work... Will see if I try messing with it more later on.

  3. Upon closer inspection I think adding "text-align: justify;" to CLASS: "post-body entry-content" and CLASS: "comment-body" style definitions should do the trick.

  4. The new layout is much better! No problems! I am using Opera.
    It works with my mobile phone too.

  5. I am going to vote against fully justified text, for whatever it's worth. It looks horrible and I hate it. The new width is a bit nicer, though.

  6. @Karl: take a book into your hand, any professionally published book, open it, look at the text... So much for saying htat justified text looks bad. In fact all DTP manuals say that text has to be justified to the left and to the right. And a blog with long posts is quite similar to a book ;-).

  7. Cyber: I am aware that my opinion on the issue is not that of the majority; I'm quite used to that by now. I stand by it.


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