Thursday, 22 August 2019

We're launching an official Discord server!

Join our server here!

Frictional Games is a distant and cryptic game developer, quietly tinkering with unspeakable horrors in the darkest depths of Europe. Yet over the past while we have been chipping away at that image, exposing a softer core. And now we’re ready for the final nail in the coffin of mystery: an official Frictional Games Discord server, where you can talk directly to us, or to other fans!

We hope that having a fluid, shared space like this will help casual and hardcore fans alike connect over topics that interest them, from lore conversations to sharing the cutest K8 plushie sewing patterns, from best uses of AddUseItemCallback to fanfiction tips. And, of course, anything and everything Frictional Games.

Aside from community-centered involvement, we hope to bring us developers closer to you with events like Ask Me Anything threads, and an occasional casual chat. Who knows what else the future will bring?

Upon launch the server includes channels for:
- Frictional’s news, sales and patch notes,
- Discussions about SOMA, Amnesia games, Penumbra games and Frictional Games in general,
- Showcasing your mods and other fan creations like art, cosplay and videos,
- Connecting with peers and discussing modding, creating fanart, or how to avoid overheating when wearing a Grunt suit,
- Social media feeds,
- Buying our games directly from Discord.

To celebrate the launch, all our games are heavily discounted at the Discord store pages.


PS. We are open to getting a few more members for our moderator team, especially persons to balance out the majority of men. Contact community etc manager Kira for more details!


  1. Will I get a banana for asking questions about games that are being worked on?

  2. What if I already bought Penumbra and Amnesia at your FG store? Will my library be transferred to the Discord store? And are these games all own DRM-free setups? Or just connect to GOG or Steam?

    And why are you exposing a softer core? I miss your good old really terrifying mind blowing horror core. Please don't make just Scifi-adventures now!

  3. @Googolplexian:

    Well, wasn't that why they are making two games now? So that they could make something more traditionally horrific as well as something more risky. Though considering how long it has been that they have said that... who knows what they are doing now.

    Ahem, uhm "Hey, Frictional, can somebody neither deny nor confirm what you have or haven't been doing?"

    But seriously, can you at least tell us if you are actually working on two different projects?

    1. No use asking buddy. Been doing that on every article posted for quite a while now. The closest I've gotten to an answer is 'something is cooking' and that's about it. I agree, the time span between title releases is getting ridiculous at this point. Not only with Frictional Games, but video game industry in general. It's been almost full 4 years since SOMA released for crying out loud, and we haven't even got a slightest bit of info on the titles in development. Not cool.


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