Saturday 15 November 2014

SOMA is now Pre-Pre Beta

Today is the day SOMA reached Pre-Pre Beta, which marked the first time the game could be played from start to finish.

Four of us have now played through 'til the end and it's really cool to be able to finally really feel what sort of game we're making, after almost 4.5 years in development.

While we've played the individual levels many times, you never really get the same sense as you do when you play the full thing. I personally think it's a significant experience as you now get a mental picture of the game as one complete thing, instead of a massive cluster of themes, systems and scenes. I finally know for sure what it is that we're working towards.

The testing took an average of 11 hours per person. This includes a lot of note-taking, quick discussions and bug-fixing. But, given prior experience, this should give a decent estimate of what it will take the average (and non stressing) player to complete SOMA.

While the game is still really rough in plenty of places, I think I dare to say that we've got something quite special brewing. There's still tons of work left to do, of course, but we're getting very anxious to show off our creation to the world.


  1. Awesome work guys. I'm really looking forward the release.

    By the way, will you have any closed beta for selected persons to give feedback? :)

  2. Only 11 hours? This game better only be like 20 bucks.

    1. Well yeah, that's pretty much what all their other games released at. Stop being such an ass.

    2. Actually, this is close to double the length of our previous games.

    3. yeah , because 59 bucks for 5 hour of campaign is worth it , imma rite?

      @Thomas keep the good work , i hope you will release some info's about the PS4 version too :)

  3. Awesome news guys! Can't wait to see more!
    Also judging from the latest screenshots it seems like you did a great job with updating your already awesome engine. Keep it up!

  4. Awesome! if you need someone to further test it :) let me know :D

  5. Ahh, Thank You! That's good to hear.

    In terms of game-length: I was under the impression that Dark Descent was at least 8 hours long? I guess it just felt longer than it was ;-)

  6. Have you tried the playable teaser (P.T.) of the new Silent Hill ? I have heard fantastic things about it and would love to hear what you might think of it.

    Hope to get to read you soon !

  7. Can't wait for the release, no dought it will be amazing! :)


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