Wednesday 22 January 2014

New Screenshot and Intercepted Radio Message

Click to view large version.

Transcription of radio message intercepted at XX/XX/XXX.

UNKNOWN: Look, this is the short version. -- [CORRUPT DATA] -- gone rogue. We're not sure what it’s up to, but it looks like it’s messing with the help. Are you hurt in any way, are you guys okay?

AMY: -- [CORRUPT DATA] -- are turning on us! We need to get out of here.

UNKNOWN: Hold on, don't panic. Carl, tell Amy to calm down. You guys can’t have much left to do before evac.

CARL: Calm down, Amy.

AMY: You calm down!

An alarm is heard in UNKNOWN’s mic.

UNKNOWN: Shit. I got to go. Stay the course, ok? Stay the --

Static outburst after which the signal is lost.


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