Wednesday, 18 May 2011

We are hiring: Programmer wanted!

Frictional Games is now looking for a talented programmer to join the company!

You will be working for a small team with a big focus on finding new and innovating solutions. We want you who are not afraid to explore uncharted territory and constantly learn new things. Self-discipline and independence are also important traits as all work will be done from home.

Some the things you will work with include:

  • 3D math, rendering, shaders and everything else related.
  • Console development (most likely Xbox 360).
  • Hardware implementations (support for motion controls, etc).
All coding is in C++, so great skills in that is imperative. You should also be living in Sweden or a time-zone nearby. If you are fit in other areas we are of course prepared to be flexible.

If interested send CV to: jobs [at] frictionalgames [dot] com

What we are most interested in seeing is evidence, in form of things you have done, that you are qualified. Having interesting works to show off can make up for any gaps in knowledge.

Privacy Policy
By sending us your application, you give us permission to store your personal information and attachments.

We store all applications in a secure system. The applications are stored for two years, after which they are deleted. If you want your your information removed earlier, please contact us through our Contact form. Read more in our Privacy Policy.


  1. For once I regret having studied biochemistry and not programming... :P

  2. I can program for(int i=0; i<3; i++) { cout << i; }
    When can I begin?

  3. Hmm...

    Actually, it's:

  4. Det skulle vara nåt.
    Tyvärr så har jag inte rätt kunskapsnivå.

    Har dock begränsad kunskap i C++ än så länge.
    Har dock inte hållit på med console development eller hardware implementations.

  5. "Console development (most likely Xbox 360)"?

    so we will be seeing horror games from you on console from now on?
    I'm excited and terrified at the same time

  6. Xbox 360? That's DirectX I thought? Isn't playstation much better/easier (OpenGL)?

  7. Sven this days there no much deference between the underlaying graphics API, all game egines like Unreal, Source, Cryengine, etc are abstracted to use any API the platform provide.

    For example Rock star games could bring all those games to PC easily as their engine is abstracted but they just dont want because of PC piracy. IS NOT MATTER OR EASIER/BETTER.

  8. Those engines come with rediculously high costs to use (from an indies point of view). Also, as far as I know, only the unreal engine is cross-platform. Nevermind that frictional has its own engine (speculating here, based on ogre3D?) which is based on OpenGL and OpenAL, which is simply not supported by the xbox 360... which implies... either a code rewrite (probably using XNA or something of that sort), or that they've acquired a license to a 360 compatible engine. Either way, I have my question mark next to the part on where they're interested in the 360.

    PS: abstraction is nice, but please keep in mind.. not all API's work the same way, there is a reason why they're different. Usually this reason is because they're incompatible and/or incomparable. So I'm afraid that making something for a console work on a PC or vice versa isn't as straightforward as you make it sound.

  9. Oh yes lets forget console piracy shall we. Piracy on the Xbox360 is also very high but we don't see game developers shouting PIRATES!! at the Xbox360 players, but we see a cacofony of voices demonizing the PC platform because of the Piracy problem, maybe theres hidden interests behind all this? Frictional Games and there games are successful regardless of the Piracy, people will always buy good products made by good and friendly teams.

  10. Hi Frictional,

    I loved Amnesia and saw this Youtube video that's essentially a real-life interpretation of Amnesia that I thought was pretty well done. Good luck hiring a programmer.

  11. When you feel like hiring experienced corporate drones that want to get out of it, hopefully not feet first, please don't forget about me. And by the way, will a nice excel file suffice as evidence?

  12. I would love to apply, but my lack of curricula, and not that awesome knowledge of what you mentioned is holding me back (also the fact that my team at work needs me). But if you have a spot open after I finish college, you can definitely count with me!

  13. Too bad you're Sweden :) I'm actually looking for a (better) job in my country.

  14. suport for motion controls.
    can that mean amnesia for the x box360 with kinect suport?
    that would be awesome.

  15. Sounds like a fun job.
    And I would love to work with the guys who created Amnesia.

    If only i had more experience with C++
    Currently i'm more of a C#, Java programmer.

    At least that would be kind of an instant proof that i'm not afraid of learning new things. :)

  16. Console development, huh?

    Sure - cin, cout, stuff like that...


  17. Although finishing my masters in IT I dont have skills for game development but did you ever think about outsourced translations for your upcoming games? I love your games and would be happy to provide Czech translation for your next game...

  18. Greetings.

    I'm studying computer science at the university of applied sciences Leipzig, Germany, and search for a good topic for my Bachelor thesis on which I should work on in the next 3 month.
    Some stuff I did:
    I'm coding in C++ on Linux.
    Are you interested?

    Best Regards.

  19. Urfoex:
    You can mail to adress in the post and tell us what areas you would be able to do a thesis in. If there is a fit we might be able to let you do your thesis at us.

  20. plzzz we want to create games for xbox360 and kinect. the game in kinect will be more realistic and more horror. I hope you find the programmer you need soon!

  21. Faen, är inte tillräckligt duktig programmerare än ):


    Ni får anlita mig nån dag på senare tid!


  23. Oh oh oh how about next game theres a child as boss :D?
    but you know creepy stuff like the human bedsheet idk >//w//< just make something epic :'D Ive never been so proud to pee my pants with a game... ( Lol )
    <3 annyyywayss~ I love amnesia and penumbra so im saving money to buy them~ hope i dont chicken out ;_;

  24. Hello I am interested in getting hired as the programmer, I can program pretty well, and I am an extremely fast learner and can learn what needs to be known if I do not already know. If your still hiring me, you can test me out if you want, message me back at my email,

  25. I didn't mean to say if your still hiring me, I mean if your still hiring^^^^^^^^^^^^

  26. hi am a ten year old thats ben playing sacry game sines i was 4 four i see blood every day i love your mod am a kid so i have a good mined you can you can send me a mesage on steam my acout name is -pc gamerz- pvt. chris this would mean a lot if you would hire me this would be my first job to so bye

  27. System.out.println("Amidoinitrite?");

  28. if i came over to some place and helped map out things with colors and what not could i get the job? im really good at supriveing people with ideas i have so maybe i can help and i play plenty games to know how to spot a good one or not just please beuse im a little poor so i dont have a resent game console a good computer and 3d math i was working on it tho not so hard please consitter me </////3 my email is pleeeeeaaase consiter me

  29. when i start amnesia game. there is an error named as could not set video mode 640 multiply 480. and screen goes black .. so please yaar help me.

  30. trolol at the 10yo that commented

  31. I was just reading a thread on Frictional Games' forum where all the PC elitists were saying Frictional would never move into consoles and that Amnesia would never work on a console.

    Oh the hilarity!

    As a PS3 owner though that X360 bit slightly worries me... would I be right in thinking you're going to go console exclusive then? X360 and no PS3? That would be a tragedy...

  32. IMO all FPS games should be played with keyboard and mouse. Better flexibility, and when you're closer to the screen, with a pair of 3D headphones, that's when shizzle get's rizzle, ma nizzle.

  33. XBOX 360...
    Motion Control...
    A horror game similar to how Sadness would have been on Kinect would be soooo Awesome.

    stupid NiBRiS making me all hopeful and then sad.
    Go Frictional Games!

  34. Heathcliff C. in Vancouver, Canada16 July 2011 at 00:07

    I've almost finished Requiem and have just learned there's a single copy of the boxed version of Amnesia available at my local games store. I'm so extremely impressed by Overture & Black Plague that I'm going out to purchase it RIGHT NOW before anyone else buys it! I telephoned and they're holding it for me-yay!!! This will be my favourite birthday present this year! I purchased the boxed Penumbra set for my birthday last July and was not disappointed. I'm still jumpy and can feel the shivers, hear the spooky noises even now just thinking about the game! What a great job, team!!! I really hope Frictional Games will continue with another game now they're through with Amnesia.
    Will our character develop more ways of moving? Will he be able to climb ropes? Walls covered in vines? Hang and shimmy around corners? Traverse hanging from a rope hand over hand? Will our character be given increased defensive capabilities? Perhaps a blackjack? It might've been interesting to try to blackjack a demon dog from Overture, hmmm? Will our character be able to consume food/drink pick-ups to repair small lost health points? Although I appreciate the humour in the current healing "pain pills"!
    In conclusion, I really just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your games and that I hope the newest hire will improve an already excellent team! Fantastic job gang!!!

  35. Are you still searching for a C++ programmer?. Can I still apply for it?.

  36. will you guys appear on all consoles? like the wii and the PS3? i'm a big fan of this gaming company, but i don't have an xbox. make a amnesia 2! :D