Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Uninvited Guest; Livestock Upset

So I just came early to work today at 22.00 and found the front door to our warehouse ajar. Thinking that perhaps some of our pets had escaped, I became a bit worried and carefully entered our damp dwelling.

Carrying a meat hook (someone forgot to tidy up last night?) I walked down to the cellar and saw that there was a mess at one of the table. There where also strange sounds coming from the cages and I had to use the cattle prod to calm the critters down. I counted them all twice and all stock seemed to be in place, allowing me to take a sigh of relief (we used to be six people in Frictional you know!).

Then I noticed that some of our notes, parchments and scrolls where missing. A thief! I also found a match lying in the mud on the floor, confirming that (most likely) one of the many hobos had sneaked in. This kind of confused me though, since I thought they learned their lesson last time in a quite tentacular way. It was also strange that they would take papers; I was not aware that they could read (perhaps nature called?).

Oh well. Now it is back to work, have some stuff to disect and refine. Just wanted you all to know abut this shady business in case you hear something!

Hmm.... now where did I put my essential salts?


  1. Hope you brew us something good ;)

    (( To those who didnt get it: http://www.frictionalgames.com/site/node/103 ))

  2. Oh, good. At first I feared that working on this blasphemous game of shear madness and horror drove the developers mad, in the fashion of Lovecraftian stories, you know :)

  3. I hope you'll continue writing news in the fasion ;-).

    BTW: what about Amnesia (and possibly Penumbra) on Steam for Linux? Will it be available this way when Steam for Linux launches in a few months?

  4. Cyber Killer:
    As my mind is frail and weary I cannot promise anything, but we will do our best to make sure this event occurs!

    After all, giant penguins are know to lurk among the dark horrors.

  5. Anonymous:
    Ha! Us going insane, what a ludicrous assertion!

    What the rest of the world call insanity, we call gaining insight!

  6. Quote: "What the rest of the world call insanity, we call gaining insight!"

    Ah... People after my own hart.
    Your statement is another way of saying that you seek for the knowledge forbidden and forgotten, hidden away from the lights and technology of the 21st century, revealed only to those who lurk in the dark corners and damp tunnels.

    We all know what is out there, in the black sees of infinity...

    "That is not dead which can eternal lie,
    And with strange aeons even death may die."

    Hahahahaha - (take a breath) - MuaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. When i woke today in the morning, i already had somehow a very bad feeling. I didn't know exactly why, but i felt something strange, that something was different... something has changed...

    Anyway, I stood up, took a shower, put my cloth on, had my breakfast, brushed my teeth, all that stuff, and then I left my apartment. When I made my first step on the street, I immediately took a look to the sky. The sun was shining, but it seemed like it was shining different, not as bright as it did usually. I asked an old woman on the street if she was feeling the same way and she just told me: "The sun is tired my son."

    The old woman was as strange as the whole day. When I continued my way to the university, where I'm studying the german language and psychology by the way, I came to a park. "Strange... I don't hear any birds..."

    After a few seconds starring at the trees, I saw a man coming out of the park. He had a dog with him. I continued to go the university and noticed that the man was walking into my direction. Suddenly... I felt pain in my chest... like a flower that opened its blossom and grew bigger and bigger, fighting its way threw my body...
    When I took a look at the dog - still having that unbearable pain - its head started to shake rapidly, like a big machine that lost control and was going to explode very soon.

    While i started to feel weaker and weaker, the man already reached me and whispered to my ear: "The dog is blind... the dog is blind..."

    Then i woke up... "Holy ****... I had like the worst nightmare..."
    I took a short look at the watch, and saw that it was already 08:09 in the morning. "Damn... i have to hurry up, or I'll be late!" When i entered the bathroom... I had the shock of my life...
    Something was written on my mirror:


    After reading that, only one question came to my mind: "Am I insane?"

  8. through, not threw*

  9. @Mario:
    Were the words on your mirror written in blood? If not, I wouldn't worry to much. Otherwise, God save us...

  10. @Anon

    Blood might've been a part of it... but it looked like a mixture of something much more terrible and disgusting...

  11. Lol@using cattle prods to calm some of the "critters." Man..anyway, if I had been in your situation, I probably would have busted out my BFG and gone Solid Snake all up in that warehouse. The hobos might have taken the paper as fuel for fire though, what you think about that?

  12. @^
    Some scrolls are known to summon things from out of this world when burned...



    Cthulhu smiley (TM):


  13. OR
    Cthulhu smiley 1 (TM):



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