Monday, 2 November 2009

The Haunter Of The IGF

After lots of work and little sleep Frictional Games have entered into the IGF, an international competition for indie games, with our upcoming horror! The game is still a while from being completed, but the build we sent in to the competition is a very important milestone and the first version that gives of a taste of what the full game will be like. When creating a horror game gameplay needs to be tested over longer periods of time (because atomsphere, etc requires long build up) and testing the IGF version of the game tells us that we are on the right track!

At the start of the next year we will see if we managed to get nominated! In case you are wondering, Penumbra Overture entered the 2008 competetion (no nomination) and Black Plague did not enter in 2009 because we had financial backup from a publisher (i.e. not indie). Now that we are back as full indie we can enter again!

Now its back to work again!

Brain slugs sure are great motivators!
*Must... serve... hive*


  1. I hope you gonna make it into the competition! I wish you a good luck!
    I hope we will be able to finaly see some screenshots of your work.

  2. Yes, best of luck. Frictional does an awesome job of horror games. I'm looking forward to what you have to offer us next.

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  4. Glad to here you guys are moving along nicely, and I hope you do good in the competition.

  5. I hope you get some recognition this time around. Now that you've proven yourselves you definately deserve a nomination at the very least.


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